Harrows Veridian 23g Darts Review

Author: Darts Review Channel  Date Posted:21 June 2018 


Another set from the Harrows 2018 range, these are the Veridian and I have the 23g version here. They are also available in 21,22,24,25 and 26 gram. They are 90% tungsten with a nice black ti coating and highlighted with green rings and the have a variety of grip styles on the barrel. They retail for a very reasonable £36.95.


The darts come in a slim box with a detailed graphic on the back of the darts and the grip. The darts are supplied with a hard plastic case and fitted into a point protector and come with a set of two tone green and black medium Supergrip Fusion stems and some standard shape Harrows Prime flights:


[Image: nJgbbrk.jpg]

[Image: I0GDK5A.jpg]


[Image: rLwqqJ3.jpg]

[Image: jqNKs1n.jpg]

[Image: k9CSDp4.jpg]

[Image: gwh1Nib.jpg]

[Image: Itb5CXo.jpg]

[Image: XlcEz9p.jpg]

[Image: HKME2yI.jpg]

[Image: LRmRU5W.jpg]

[Image: Bh8v5GB.jpg]

[Image: cFwf9fR.jpg]

[Image: DS61KE4.jpg]

[Image: ev8m8O4.jpg]

[Image: yEQqLYe.jpg]

[Image: uhCXEro.jpg]

[Image: IRMAxhS.jpg]

[Image: EbWwpDV.jpg]

[Image: VNh3AWH.jpg]

Its a straight barrel dart with a tapered rear and a short shallow bull nose. There is a variety of grip like I mentioned above starting with some thin rings and grooves and a slightly wider ring and then the front section is made of a thin ring grip with concave rings which is around high medium level of grip. Then around the centre is a smooth band which is followed by a kind of shark style grip made of stepped down rings. Again that is around medium to high medium. Thats followed by some normal thin rings and grooves then the taper on the rear is made of very fine rings. Overall grip varies between medium to high medium.



[Image: q6OvwI5.jpg]


Two barrels were an exact match and the third just one hundredth of a gram lighter:


[Image: arhrHjk.jpg]

[Image: 9MaL71E.jpg]

[Image: aJrw10N.jpg]

Weight of full setup as supplied:

[Image: vbOiNSy.jpg]


With nothing attached the balance towards the front:


[Image: p0MAuW4.jpg]

With supplied setup it moved very slightly behind centre:

[Image: QVbkBhu.jpg]

Balance with my own medium, inbetween, short and extra short nylon stems and standard flights:

[Image: 3WqY8O1.jpg]


Close to the nose:


[Image: fuAldU5.jpg]


Well this is another very nice dart from Harrows, I do like green so I like the style of these with the set up it comes with but its a great looking dart anyway.

Its certainly got plenty of variety in the grip so I am sure there will be something for many people to like. I particularly like the ring grip on the front. The fact the rings are concave kind of makes them feel like they have a very fine double edge sticking up so they were a little more grippy to throw than I was expecting. Its a fairly chunky feel too but I am happy with that. Balance felt a little towards the front when throwing but it is drilled out a fair bit on the rear but generally flight was smooth.

From the middle I was holding around where the silver band is so I was kind of on the two different grips front and rear and did not find it as comfortable as from the front. It flew ok for me though so may be fine for usual middle grippers.

From the rear you have more choice of grip, either fully on the shark style or the fine ringed taper. I have played with them a little more from the shark style grip and find they fly quite well from that so I guess it will depend exactly how far to the rear your going to hold the dart but if holding the taper it sits nicely in the fingers and should be fine.

Overall the quality is top notch again and price is still very reasonable for such a nicely made dart. I think front and rear grippers will get best from it but there should be enough there for middle grippers too so I think its a very good already in the end.


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